The first internet memes and viral videos

The first memes of the Internet

Lots of images, characters, brands and people have reached international fame through internet memes and viral videos. But it is interesting to remember how everything began. Dipity provides a timeline called Internet memes where we can check them in chronological order. There you can find lots of well-known memes, as well as others that you have probably never heard of.

Another option for the nostalgic ones is to check “The Internet stars are viral”, a fun and vintage YouTube video that shows some of the first memes and viral videos of the Internet. Below you will see the lyrics of the song, with links and references to find out more information about each one.

Remembering these cases helps us to understand the phenomena, because their success and popularity is mostly based on the same principles of today’s virality.

The Internet Stars Are Viral

Chuck Norris facts, Tay Zonday, Red clip,
Ask a Ninja, Lasse Gjertsen, Stan Lee Cameo

Kevin Nalty, Bonsai Kitten, Dancing Hamster, Leroy Jenkins,
Kournikova, Sharapova, Yuri Lane, Halo

Blyleven’s F-bomb, Soulja Boy, Pokemon,
Mario, The King supplies, Western Whoppers, Tourist Guy

Lonely Girl Fifteen, Carolina’s Miss Teen,
Vote For Pedro, Bonaduce, Prairie Drama, Goatse

The Internet Stars are Viral
and they’re always spreading
from the Diggs they’re getting
The Internet Stars are Viral
no we may not need them
but we cant delete them

Little Fatty, Hasselhoff, Badger, Free Hugs, Smash My Stuff,
Chris Crocker, Numa Numa, Box within a Box

Notpron, Domo-Kun, TechnoViking, Burgercon,
Bubb Rubb, Cowbells, Lazy Town, Packock

Yatta time, Howard Dean, Filipino Thriller Team,
David Elsewhere, Peter Pan, Randy Constan’s Pixieland

Borat, John West, Subliminal Iron Chef,
Chocolate Rain, Snakes on Planes, Tattooed Fingerstaches


Cannon Rock, Brokeback, Kruger Battle, Rich Sandrak,
Mud Kip, Dragostea, Microsoft’s Giveaway

Kid Beyond, Saugeen Hall, Lisa Nova, Deathball,
Chad Vader, Simpsonize, Pirates Ninjas pick a side

Holly Dolly, Trevor, Trunk Monkey, Bravia,
Snapelope, Slusho, Maddox and Ok-Go

YouTube, I Love Bees, Paula’s drunk, Our Colony,
Andrew Meyer Tased Bro, Diet Coke and Mentos


Denny Blaze, Tyson, Power Ranger, Guiness Hands,
Leekspin, Gundam, “all your base” translation

ORLY Owl, Kikia, Banking in Nigeria,
Ill Mitch, Will It Blend, Lootie, Leet, Panic Pin

Moshgirl, Group X, Paris Hilton having sex
Noah K Everyday, Afro Ninja’s not ok


Barbie Girl, Super Kim, Lazy Sunday, German Kid
Flaming Shot, Gofbot, Terry Tate, Coq Roq

Peanut Butter Jelly Time, Tubgirl, the Torn Mime
Cheezburgers Has I Can, Master Chief and Daft hands

Dance Evolution, un-pimped ride, Bus Uncle angry side
Chicken went subservient, Owned, Klong, Harvey Dent

Heckler comes at Pauly Shore, Salad Fingers, Where’s George
Rick got Rolled or Kid Star Wars, I can’t think of anymore

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