The most expensive keywords on Google Ads

The most expensive keywords in Google AdWords

The most expensive keywords on Google Ads are those in which we can found a limited demand for a huge offer, high competition, and advertisers willing to pay more and more to get the precious clicks. Therefore, they are the most difficult keywords to obtain and keep a good ranking in search results. Knowing the list of the most expensive keywords in Google Ads is useful if we are interested in earning money with Google AdSense in our website, because for blogs which address these topics the earnings will be, of course, bigger. Also, advertisers would be more willing to sponsor blogs to avoid the high costs in Google Ads.

Keep in mind that these are the most expensive keywords for Google Ads in English, and for other languages the keywords will be different. Also, they are not necessarily the most searched keywords, because as stated previously, in some cases the demand for these products and services is very limited, so the amount of searches is very low.

1. Insurance. E.g.: auto insurance, life insurance, auto insurance quotes.

2. Loans. E.g.: settlement loans, small business loans, student loans.

3. Mortgage. E.g.: mortgage refinance, mortgage pre approval, home mortgage.

4. Attorney. E.g.: accident attorney, criminal attorney, motorcycle accident attorney.

5. Credit. E.g.: business credit card, credit consolidation, credit monitoring, credit reports.

6. Lawyer. E.g.: personal injury lawyer, car accident lawyer, car crash lawyer.

7. Donate. E.g.: car donation, automobile donations, donate vehicle.

8. Degree. E.g.: education degrees online, business degree, online mba degrees.

9. Hosting. E.g.: managed cloud hosting, hosting services, hosting providers, vps hostings.

10. Claim. E.g.: accident claims, injury claims, work accident claim, claiming for personal injury.

11. Conference call. E.g.: business conference calls, conference call services, conference call comparison.

12. Trading. E.g.: online trading brokerage, stock trading tools, online trading broker, forex trading.

13. Software. E.g.: call center software, remote support software, cloud software, business intelligence software.

14. Recovery. E.g.: drug recovery center, center for addiction recovery.

15. Transfer. E.g.: transferring money overseas, international bank transfers, secure file transfer.

16. Gas / Electricity. E.g.: business electricity, commercial electricity, gas and electricity suppliers.

17. Classes. E.g.: online college classes, business classes online, accounting classes online.

18. Rehab. E.g.: addiction rehab centers, alcohol rehab, alcohol rehab program.

19. Treatment. E.g.: alcohol treatment center, drug treatment centers, substance abuse treatment.

20. Cord blood. E.g.: cord blood bank comparison, cells umbilical cord, cord blood price.

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