Viral videos: Bissell Symphony Subway

Viral videos: Bissell Symphony Subway

Bissell Symphony Subway” is a viral video posted on YouTube by Bissell Canada to demonstrate the effectiveness of the Bissell Symphony vacuum cleaner. The company states that the steam cleaning system of the vacuum gets rid of 99.9% of germs, and it shows it in a shooting in which the company’s brand manager eats from the floor in a subway station after cleaning the area with the vacuum.

The video is certainly shocking, and the amateur-video style makes us believe we are seeing something real. The people’s reactions contribute to the effect. It should be said that in the video description there is a statement making clear that it is only a dramatization, and that no one should try this at home. In fact, the video has been recorded in an abandoned station called Low Bay, in Ontario, Canada, which is commonly used for film and advertising productions.

This campaign remind us of another very popular campaign from YouTube, “Will It Blend?“. Both are good at attracting attention whilst showing the attributes of the product.

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