Top crowdsourcing websites for logo design

Top crowdsourcing websites for logo design

We now know crowdsourcing is not just a fad, it is here to stay. This innovative way to work online has been adopted by big brands such as Dell and Starbucks, among many others, and has given rise to a new kind of business model. Crowdsourcing has many uses but it is especially successful for creative outsourcing and, more specifically, for logo designs. Here we have prepared a selection of the top crowdsourcing websites for logo design.

On the following websites any person in need for a design (not only logos but also websites, stationery, banners, etc.) can specify their requirements and set the price they want to pay for the work. This way, the design need takes the form of a “design contest”. Designers join by sending their proposals and get the prize. Surprisingly, design crowdsourcing platforms are being used not only by entrepreneurs and big companies but also by advertising and design agencies to outsource work and give their clients more alternatives.

Top crowdsourcing websites for logo design: 99designs

1. 99Designs

We had to start our list of the top crowdsourcing websites with 99designs. It is the pioneer platform in combining logo design and crowdsourcing and the leader in the field. It offers more than 75 categories for design projects, including app design, WordPress, illustration, infographics, email newsletters, clothing, merchandise, books, magazines and much more. For logo designs, 99designs offers four packages: Bronze ($299 USD), Silver ($499 USD), Gold ($799 USD) and Platinum ($1,199 USD). Their fee scheme is quite obscure; there is no information online and support only states that “it varies from contest to contest”.

Top crowdsourcing websites for logo design: Crowdspring

2. Crowdspring

Crowdspring is the second biggest platform dedicated to crowdsourcing design. Their prices start lower, with logo designs from $199 USD ($100 USD for the designer and $99 USD for Crowdspring). Unlike 99designs, Crowdspring also provides copywriting services. It has a Naming and Branding category which includes Company Naming, Product Naming, Tagline and Marketing Copy, and a Business Content category for Technical Writing, Presentation Writing, Blog, Newsletter and Web Content.

Top crowdsourcing websites for logo design: Designcrowd

3. Designcrowd

Designcrowd has 42 design categories. Their price system is a bit different from the previous platforms. It charges a fixed $50 USD fee for posting any kind of project on the platform, and the design price is completely up to the client.

Top crowdsourcing websites for logo design: Designcontest

4. Designcontest

Designcontest is another popular option. Logo design prices start at $275 USD. The website fees ($19 USD listing fee + 14.9% of the prize) are included. For any other design category the listing fee is $39 USD. It is interesting that in this case the platform guarantees all designers are pre-qualified. To join contests, the designers must previously undergo a skill test.

Top crowdsourcing websites for logo design: Logotournament

5. LogoTournament

Last but not least in our top crowdsourcing websites ranking. LogoTournament has four packages: Starter ($275 USD), Regular ($375 USD), Plus+ ($575 USD) and Custom Prize. The amount already includes the platform fees which are a $39 USD listing fee and a 10% prize handing fee.

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