How to do Link Building

How to do Link Building

Knowing how to do link building is a crucial practice in online marketing. It is intended to improve our ranking on Google and other search engines. Through a smart link building strategy, we plan the way we are going to get more and better backlinks directing to our website. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) experts and “linkbuilders” are the professionals dedicated to offer link building services.

Link building is closely related to something called “PageRank”. The Page Rank is a Google classification by which all indexed websites are ranked between 0 and 10 according to the backlinks the website has acquired. In some way, it is a value that shows how popular and important a website is. Google and Facebook, for example, have a PageRank of 10. The more backlinks we have, the higher our PageRank will be. If those backlinks are quality backlinks (which means, backlinks from websites with high PageRank), they will contribute even more to our own PageRank. The higher our PageRank, the higher we will appear in Google’s search results.

There are unlimited ways to do link building, some better than others. So, before starting to do link building, it is convenient to define a clear strategy. We should keep in mind that the generated backlinks should be of good quality and from websites associated with the same topics as our own.

The first temptation of novice marketers and entrepreneurs is to start posting comments with backlinks on forums and blogs. But this practice might backfire because it is considered to be spam. Also, the comments on blogs and forums are usually moderated either by people who read the comments before publishing them, or controlled by third-party automated services especially designed to block spam. Here we review the most professional and efficient link building techniques:

Creating your own communication channels is the most basic method of link building. When we create our official Twitter account or Facebook fan page we include links to our website not only on the profiles but also in the posts. This is why the first important step is to detect missed opportunities in our own “domains”. Is there a link to our website on the About page of our Facebook fan page? Are there links in the video descriptions of our YouTube channel? Do we have a Linkedin corporate page that links to our website?

Writing articles on third party websites constitutes one of the most effective link building techniques. It requires contacting and engaging with bloggers and journalists to guarantee its publication, because sending articles and impersonal press releases via email might not be enough. A backlink from a reputed media can improve dramatically our ranking on search engines. Big media will not provide free advertising, so our proposal should be attractive and mutually beneficial.

“Link baiting” is an indirect way to attract backlinks by using content and creativity. A useful, interesting or surprising content is a “bait” for backlinks, especially on social networks. For that it is crucial to include social sharing buttons on our website. Preferably they should have share counters, because a high number would also be a psychological incentive to keep sharing.

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  1. I read some in some blog that we should restrict backlinks creation 3 to 5 links per day ? If we create more backlinks what will happen? Ideally what bothers google ? I am not doing any automated backlinks. I am genuinely writing articles and creating backlinks. So I believe google should not worry about it. Your tips are really helpful. Thanks for Sharing. I am a new blogger and trying to succeed in blogging.

    1. Hi! Thank you for your interest. If the backlinks are of good quality, you shouldn’t worry. Google detects and penalises a quick increase in ranking based on spammy backlinks. Make sure the backlinks are located on pages and websites thematically related to your own website. 3 or 5 links per day seems difficult to achieve considering that high quality backlinks aren’t easy to get.

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