How to check if your website is mobile-friendly

How to check if your website is mobile-friendly

It is important to know how to check if your website is mobile-friendly because Google has started penalizing websites that do not meet the requirements for adaptive and responsive design (AWD and RWD) in search results rankings. Here we explain what it means and what you can do to make sure your website is mobile-friendly.

Adaptive Design (AWD)

Adaptive design involves tailoring your website to match predefined screen sizes. This means creating specific layouts for various screen dimensions. While this approach can provide a customized experience for users on different devices, it requires more design and development effort to maintain.

Responsive Design (RWD)

On the other hand, responsive design focuses on creating a flexible layout that can easily adapt to any screen size. This approach ensures that your website remains user-friendly and maintains its visual appeal across a wide range of devices, from smartphones to desktop computers. It’s a more efficient and sustainable way to achieve mobile-friendliness.


Both adaptive design and responsive design are considered mobile-friendly. A mobile-friendly website should be easily accessible and navigable on mobile and tablet screens without requiring zooming. Conversely, a design that is not mobile-friendly may feature small fonts and buttons that are challenging to read and click.

This Google algorithm change has elevated adaptive and responsive design to crucial factors for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Neglecting them can result in falling behind our competitors.

To determine if your website is mobile-friendly, accessing it via a mobile device is a start, but it may not be sufficient. It’s crucial to ensure that the design accommodates various screen sizes, devices, and browsers. Google provides a dedicated tool for this purpose: the Mobile-Friendly Test. Simply enter your website URL, and Google will assess and report whether the website is indeed mobile-friendly.

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