Key visual or keyvisual is a design used in marketing agencies that works as a guideline or visual reference for an advertising campaign. It helps to see which ideas, elements, fonts and color palette will be used in all future ads and designs. Also, a good key visual should effectively and clearly express the communication tone and the emotions we are going to provoke in the target audience.

Key visuals show graphic elements, but they also communicate an identity and tell a story. That is why they usually have more dynamism than logos or other designs, and some of them look like movie posters. But even though key visuals look like posters or ads, they are an internal tool for the agency and not for being shown to the public.

Creating a key visual is a good way to ensure that everybody in your team is “on the same page”. It allows the staff to easily visualize the aesthetics and the concept behind a campaign and to work coherently in the same direction. But it is also the perfect way to check the concept with the client and avoid misunderstandings before moving forward. Here we can appreciate some examples of key visuals for famous brands.


What is a key visual

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