How to report content on social media

How to report content on social media

It is important to know how to report content on social media to avoid headaches every time we come across inappropriate content or behaviour. Considering that the success of the report depends on following the right procedure for every social networking website, here we provide a compilation of links, information and specific contact forms for the most common types of claims in the most popular social media websites.

You will find that this information is useful for the community manager who has to protect a brand, as well for the average user who wants to stand up for his rights to any kind of abuse. In fact, there are many reasons to report content, a user or an account on social media: trademark and copyright infringement, impersonation, hacking, porn, cyberbullying, stalking and privacy violations, among others.


How to report things. General information about the different kinds of Facebook reports. How to report a profile, a fan page or a post.

Report a privacy rights violation. Use this form to report photos and videos with your image, as well as any content that includes your personal information.

Reporting a violation or infringement of your rights. This for is for reporting trademark and copyright infringements.


How to report violations. General information about how to report content on Twitter. How to report accounts and tweets.

Someone on Twitter is engaging in abusive or harassing behavior. This form allows you to report a wide range of abusive behaviours, including threats, stalking and privacy violations.

Report a counterfeit goods issue. For cases involving your own or someone else’s trademark.

Report an account for impersonation. This form is not only for reporting accounts impersonating people, but also companies and organizations. Also, here you can report and solve account hacking cases.


Report abuse on Currents. General information on how to report posts and comments on Google Currents in case of bullying, hate speech, spam, pornographic, violent or illegal content, selling of regulated goods and minor exploitation.

Report impersonation. Complete this form to report cases in which someone is impersonating you, someone else, or a company or organization.


Safety and abuse reporting. Form to report harassment, cyberbullying, impersonation, violent threats, child endangerment, hate speech against a protected group, spam and scams and more.

Report impersonation on YouTube. Specific form to report impersonation. You have to be the affected person or his legal representative.


Abuse & Spam. General information about how to report content and users on Instagram.

Reporting a Violation or Infringement of Your Rights on Instagram. For reporting trademark and copyright infringements.

Report an Impersonation Account on Instagram. Use this form if someone created an Instagram account that’s pretending to be you or someone you know.


Reporting Inappropriate Content, Messages, or Safety Concerns. Information about how to report spam, inappropriate profile photos, inaccurate or fake profiles, inappropriate groups and phishing or suspicious messages.


Tumblr is an exception and a very especial case. For reporting abuses, we have to write to the email address

Security & Exploit Reports. As its name states, this form is to report vulnerabilities in the platform.


Report something on Pinterest. General information about how to report pins, pinners, comments and messages.

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