How to make money with Onlyfans

How to make money with Onlyfans

In today’s digital era, discovering innovative ways to generate income online has never been more crucial. If you’re wondering how to make money with OnlyFans, you’ve come to the right place. This comprehensive guide will equip you with essential strategies and expert insights to maximize your earning potential on this popular platform. Whether you’re a seasoned content creator or just starting your journey, follow these proven tips to harness the power of OnlyFans and boost your revenue.

What is Onlyfans?

First things first. For those who are not aware, Onlyfans is an online platform similar to Twitter, but to follow a specific person and see their posts, you must pay a monthly fee, which generally ranges from $10 to $50. It has become immensely popular for monetizing adult content. Onlyfans is considered a “revolution” in the porn industry today because it allows anyone to easily earn money by selling their photos and videos.

Many professionals in the porn industry, amateurs, and models have started earning income, often significant, using Onlyfans. Of course, the success of this social network has not been without controversy due to the type of content that is shared there, but the truth is that it has allowed many workers who previously could only find employment through a film production company to become financially independent.

Another benefit of this platform is that, as it operates through monthly subscriptions, content producers, once they gain followers, have the security of earning a monthly income as long as they continue to publish photos and videos on the website. Many people today live exclusively from their Onlyfans account, and it is not surprising. The marketing of adult content is one of the most profitable and prosperous businesses on the internet.

The New Problem of Onlyfans

The fact that Onlyfans has become so widely used to earn extra money and its ease of use have exponentially increased competition on the platform in recent times, and now those who publish content face the challenging prospect of dealing with a lot of competition. Anyone can now create their Onlyfans account and become a star, which represents an opportunity but also a challenge for those who are already established and want to stay relevant.

Another common problem that those entering this activity encounter is that when starting a new account on any social network, the beginning is slow and difficult. If you are unknown, it can be hard to get those first followers. And when they are obtained, there is also the challenge of retaining them and continuing to grow. Many accounts experience some initial growth but then plateau indefinitely.

As a result of my experience in promoting Onlyfans accounts, I will now share some key practices that have worked very well and allow you to earn substantial income in a short time.

1. Before Getting Started

As the first piece of advice when it comes to making money with Onlyfans, it’s important to consider that this activity is not for everyone. If you are shy, have inhibitions, or are concerned that someone might see inappropriate content of yours on the internet, it is advisable not to create your account, as true success on the platform requires a level of self-exposure. While the posts on your Onlyfans profile will be private and only accessible to subscribers, it is very difficult to gain paying followers without promoting content on other platforms and providing previews of what is behind the paid subscription.

Furthermore, although there are A-list celebrities who have accounts on Onlyfans and post the same kind of content as they do on their Instagram accounts, the truth is that Onlyfans users subscribing expect to see explicit adult content. Sensual photos and videos, such as those seen in any magazine, for example, in a bikini, may not be sufficiently attractive content to gain subscribers and may, in fact, result in refund requests from buyers.

Despite the significant degree of exposure involved in this activity, if you maintain strict control over your content, you can prevent your photos and videos from appearing in unauthorized places. However, you should never use your real name on Onlyfans or any type of adult content, of course.

2. Define Your Style and Audience

At first glance, it may seem simple to make money by producing adult content. It’s just a matter of taking photos and shooting videos, right? In practice, it’s not that straightforward. To make an impact and stand out, it’s crucial to decide what personality and style your account will convey and who your target audience is. Both of these aspects are closely related.

To decide what kind of account profile you will create, it’s helpful to have at least a basic idea of what types of adult content are more successful and in demand. Exploring categories on video websites is a quick and easy way to do this. Some creators on Onlyfans specialize in specific fetishes, but, of course, those who focus on a very specific niche may significantly limit their potential audience.

Photos and videos are essential and will convey an idea, but a significant portion of the content you publish will also be text, in the form of introductions to graphic content or private messages with subscribers. Due to the importance of this aspect of communication, many content producers on Onlyfans outsource this part of the work, entrusting it to a community manager or marketing and sales specialist, while they focus solely on creating photos and videos.

3. Set a Price that Works for You

Determining the price at which you will sell your content is one of the first steps when creating your Onlyfans account. Are you looking to have many followers at an affordable price, or a few who will pay a higher amount? In our experience, the ideal price to grow quickly is around $10 to $15, which is an accessible but not insignificant value for subscribers. At this price, it doesn’t take too long to reach the first 100 followers and earn an income of around $1,000 per month.

A price lower than $10 is not recommended because, after deducting Onlyfans’ commission, the profit becomes too low. There is the possibility of creating free accounts on the platform, where anyone can subscribe without paying, but it’s not recommended either. It’s better to post free content on Twitter or another platform. This brings us to the next point.

4. Use Your Twitter

The best and most important tool you have to promote your Onlyfans account is your Twitter account. In fact, it’s expected to be this way. The design of Onlyfans closely resembles that of Twitter, and you can even use your Twitter account to create and log in to your Onlyfans account. Twitter is also the only major social media platform that allows the publication of all kinds of erotic content.

Twitter also provides the opportunity to interact with people from all over the world interested in any topic you can think of. Potential customers are there, just a tweet away. A useful tool is Twitter’s search feature, which allows you to enter any keyword and see what users are saying about it. Visiting the accounts of people who have popular Onlyfans accounts is also a good way to see what they do right and wrong, and how they interact with their followers.

A percentage of your Twitter followers will convert into paying subscribers on Onlyfans. Therefore, your success on Onlyfans depends to a large extent on how successful you are with your Twitter account.

5. Create a Connection

Something important for making money on Onlyfans is to establish a close relationship with followers and subscribers. In the past, consumers of adult content had to be content with watching the actor or actress in videos. Nowadays, thanks to social media, they can interact with them, sending and receiving messages, creating a personal bond and a sense of intimacy.

Responding to dozens or even hundreds of messages daily can certainly be a daunting and cumbersome task. And those who write to us will be persistent individuals, and in many cases, they will send rude or unwanted messages. But a high level of activity on our account is a sign of success and progress, and it’s important to give people the impression that we are “reachable.”

The exchange of messages on social media also serves another essential function. It is part of the sales process that will result in someone subscribing and also remaining subscribed and purchasing more content. Direct and personalized interaction is the most effective way to gain new subscribers for Onlyfans.

6. Set a Limit

You must decide and clearly express from the beginning what kind of content will be public and what kind of content will be exclusive to paying subscribers. For example, a common practice is to post a short video on Twitter as a teaser and indicate that the full video is available on Onlyfans only for those who subscribe.

It’s also very helpful to specify what “rights” subscribers will have access to. For instance, a highly successful practice is to promise that subscribers will, in addition to access to photos and videos, have your personal WhatsApp number. Obviously, it’s recommended to use a new WhatsApp number for this and not your actual personal number that you use to contact friends and family, as the flood of messages can be difficult to manage.

7. Use Other Websites

There are countless pornographic websites that you can use to gain subscribers. The most popular ones are, of course, those where you can upload videos, but there are also forums and online communities where people share photographs. Posting direct links to your Onlyfans on those websites is generally prohibited and considered spam, but there are creative ways to bypass that restriction. The most common approach is to create an attractive enough account to receive private messages from interested individuals and then privately share the link to your Onlyfans.

However, it also works to simply use the same name or pseudonym on all the accounts you manage. When someone sees content of yours that interests them, they will likely search your name to find more, and thus they will discover your Onlyfans account.

8. Post Daily

In Onlyfans, you don’t need to invest a lot in production. It is understood that the content you publish will be homemade. There are very popular accounts whose photos and videos were taken with a simple mobile phone camera. What is important, however, is to post as often as possible, ideally once a day.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to shoot and take pictures every day. Some people create content in one go and then post it throughout the week, as if they were different sessions or content published at different times. It’s a highly recommended way to manage your time more efficiently.

Responding to messages from followers and subscribers is also advisable to do every day to maintain the interest and attention of those who follow you.

9. How to Earn More Money

Something that many people overlook about Onlyfans is that often the majority of the money doesn’t come from monthly subscriptions but from personalized requests and tips sent by subscribers. Many times, a subscriber will ask for a photo or video made exclusively for them, and such requests often come with a much higher price than the subscription fee. Additionally, many subscribers will send tips simply to show their satisfaction with the content you are posting. It’s not uncommon for these tips to exceed the amount you receive from regular subscriptions.

10. Create Your Own Website

Once you have your own Onlyfans generating income, consider the possibility of having your own .com website. There, you can offer the same content you sell on Onlyfans, but with much lower commissions, using your own payment gateway or electronic payment system. This, of course, may require an investment in development, but you will quickly recover the money you save on the commissions you used to pay to Onlyfans.

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  1. Hello! Please, do you offer any account management services to help me generate subscribers? I already have the account created and active with content, but I’m not able to increase my subscriptions.

  2. Hello! Thank you very much for the article. I already have an OnlyFans account, but I’m interested in promoting it. Do you provide those services?

  3. Hi, do you manage or advertise Onlyfans account? I’ve created mine some months ago but I’m struggling to get subscribers

    1. Hi! The social network X (previously Twitter) is usually the best advertising channel for Onlyfans accounts, because there are less restrictions in terms of content there. But of course any online channel would also work, like Instagram and TikTok accounts, or your own website / newsletter.

  4. Hi. I have some subscribers in my Onlyfans but some of them cancel the subscription after a while. Do you have any recommendation to prevent that? What’s the best way to keep my subscribers interested?

    1. Hi Karen! That seems to be related to the quality or quantity of content you’re publishing. Make sure you post as often as possible, even daily if you can. It’d be good if you could get some feedback from the subscribers to see what’s going on.

    1. Hi! Daily posts are ideal. They don’t have to be too elaborated. A quick “hello” with a nice photo could be enough. It’s also important to reply to messages from subscribers daily. You might need assistance with that once you get a substancial number of subscribers.

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