Advertise for free on Google AdWords with Google Grants

Advertise for free on Google AdWords with Google Grants

Google Grants is a Google program that gives a monthly credit of $10,000 USD to NGOs and charities to advertise for free on Google AdWords. There are some conditions. The money can only be used for Google Search advertising, not Google Display, which means that it can be spent only on text ads on Google search results. It cannot be used for banners nor video ads. Also, the daily budget cannot exceed $329 USD and the CPC (Cost per Click) per keyword cannot exceed $2 USD. The following video explains the program.

For applying to Google Grants, visit the Google Ad Grants website and click on “Sign Up”. You can find more resources for NGOs and charities on the Google for Nonprofits website.

If you want to use Google Grants but you do not have the time or the expertise to manage advertising campaigns, you can apply for a AdWords Express account. The Express version is easier to use and requires minimal managing because your ads are automatically optimised. For more information about this specific feature, visit Overview of AdWords Express for Ad Grants. This service is available in a limited number of countries.

Grantspro, the extended Google Grants program

Google Grants has an extended version called Grantspro. If your NGO or charity has spent more than $9,900 USD per month for at least two different months over the last six months, Google allows you to increase your monthly budget to $40,000 USD. But there are several other requirements:

  • Have conversion tracking installed with at least one conversion
  • A CTR (Click-through rate) of at least 1% during the last 6 months
  • Campaign maintenance at least twice a week
  • Be in good standing with Google Grants program policies

For joining the extended program you have to complete the Grantspro Application Form.

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